The Single Girl’s To-Do List by Lindsey Kelk


Read: 10 December 2012 (originally April 2012)
Why: Random selection to try out the iBooks app on my iPhone

Rating: 5 stars

Brief synopsis: Following a 4 week relationship break, make up artist Rachel tries to win back her boyfriend, Simon. When her plan fails, Rachel struggles to come to terms with being single until her two best friends devise a list of things to do when you’re single. The three of them together mark off each item, reminding Rachel of who she is and what she’s been missing out on.

What I thought: I loved this book! I bought this knowing nothing about the book or the author – best thing I ever did! Rachel is a modern version of Bridget Jones; just a little less tragic/more determined not to become a pathetic spinster. It was so easy to relate to her (without leaving my fiancĂ©) although I do now have an overbearing desire to ditch my wardrobe in favour of pretty dresses, dye my hair red and resurrect my to-do list notebook!

The book is well written and funny throughout. The characters are loveable (well, except Simon and Ana); I even had a soft spot for Dan before he poured his heart out.

Favourite quotes:
“And what a difference seven days could make. It was like I was living in not quite a Craig David song, although I sincerely hoped I’d be chilling by Sunday. Except without actually saying chilling, because I could never get away with saying that. What with me being 28, middle class and white.”

“The make-up artist the magazine had originally booked had quit when she’d heard Dan had pulled out, and Dan had only pulled out because he thought I was going. There wasn’t a single verse in Alanis Morissette’s entire songbook to deal with the irony of the situation.”

Single Girl's To Do List


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