Johnny Be Good by Paige Toon


Read: 17 December 2012 (originally July 2012)
Why: Loved Lucy in the Sky

Rating: 5 stars

Brief synopsis: Take That loving Meg is flying out to LA to be a live-in PA to Johnny Jefferson; Wild boy of rock. Being more of a Jason Orange fan, Meg has never really fancied Johnny… until she meets him. He’s gorgeous in real life! Meg is soon dealing with Johnny’s women, drink, drugs and tour pressures. Can she stop herself falling for Johnny… or his oldest friend, Christian?

What I thought: Another fantastic Paige Toon story. Johnny is a brilliantly complicated character. I loved the uncertainty that was evident in Meg’s feeling towards both Johnny and Christian – it was well written and really tugged at heart strings.

I would have again been disappointed by the short epilogue but there is no reason to this time: there’s a sequel! Baby Be Mine is out now.

I love that there is always a link between the characters in Paige’s book. It took me until halfway through reading the book for the second time for me to find it though! Tom and Meg are Lucy’s brother and girlfriend in Lucy in the Sky.

Favourite quote:
“‘Sweetie age?’ I look at him, inquisitively.
‘Yeah, you know, the sort of sweets you go for – who they’re mainly aimed at. This is little kids’ stuff.’ He lifts up the bag. ‘Terry’s Chocolate Orange I would say is a sweetie age of about thirty-five. And then you’ve got things like your After Eight Mints. We’re talking ninety plus.'”

Johnny Be Good (Johnny Be Good, #1)


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