Chasing Daisy by Paige Toon


Read: 20 December 2012 (originally August 2012)
Why: Loved Lucy in the Sky & Johnny Be Good

Rating: 5 stars

Brief synopsis: Daisy has left America to escape from having her heart broken – and not just by anyone, he’s famous! She is given a fantastic opportunity to travel the world, catering for a Formula 1 team. As the drivers’ nominated ‘bun tart’ she becomes close to both Will and Luis but can she stop herself from having her heart broken again?

What I thought: Chasing Daisy combined my two favourite things, F1 and reading! A fantastic read managing to be both sweet and heartbreaking in one. At times I got a little annoyed with Daisy, and actually found myself wanting to shout ‘choose Luis’ at the book but on the whole, she was a great character. I also loved her feisty Nonna forcing each of the guys to stop the night at her house!

The link with the previous books is really clever – its quite a big part of the story though so I won’t give it away. The only downside with this book was that it has kind of spoilt Baby Be Mine by revealing the baby’s father.

The best news of all though… The film rights for this book have been bought so we could one day be seeing it on the big screen!

Favourite quote: (Please don’t read if you are going to read the book as this is a big spoiler)

“He told me he fell for me the moment I shouted at him from across the street when he almost ran me off my scooter. I told him it took me longer than that. He doesn’t care. I love him now, and that’s all that matters.”

Chasing Daisy


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