One Perfect Christmas by Paige Toon


Read: 2 January 2013 (originally November 2012)
Why: Loved One Perfect Summer

Rating: 3.5 stars

Brief synopsis: Alice and Joe return in the sequel to One Perfect Summer – a novella available only as an e-book – catching up a year after their Dorset reunion.

What I thought: I said I would be honest in my reviews so here goes – I didn’t like this. If it hadn’t have been the sequel to One Perfect Summer (and possibly a bridge into the next instalment), it would have only been a 3 star rating.

This short story is very short, more of an extended epilogue and much shorter than other novellas I’ve read. To make the matter worse, a lot of that is spent recapping parts of One Perfect Summer and because of that, there isn’t much of a story – they’ve bought a house and Joe’s built a snowman is about the gist of it.

It’s a real shame as I loved all of Paige Toon’s other books but this one left me feeling as though nothing at happened. I would rather have waited longer for a full sequel. That said, it won’t put me off buying The Longest Holiday when it is released in May 2013.

One Perfect Christmas


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