One Perfect Summer by Paige Toon


Read: 2 January 2013 (originally August 2012)
Why: Loved Paige Toon’s previous books

Rating: 5 stars

Brief synopsis: When Alice meets Joe on her summer holiday, her family and best friend think its a holiday romance but they feel differently – it’s love. Alice is heartbroken when Joe has to flee Dorset suddenly and she goes off to university a shell of her former self. After months of being withdrawn from her fellow students, Alice starts to pick herself up and in no time at all, finds that she’s moved in and married Lukas; the gorgeous, rich German. Years later, just as Lukas is pushing Alice to fully commit to him, Joe is back but not quite as she knew him before. Is he worth her marriage?

What I thought: Yet another fantastic heartbreak/torn love story by Paige Toon. I really liked Joseph’s character in Baby Be Mine so I was really pleased to see him back and being written about from another perspective.

I thought that the writing in this book was brilliant. The story covers a time span of about 10 years and the writing style across those years subtly matures with the character. 18-year-old Alice is a little naive which I loved! I wasn’t overly keen on Lukas as a character though – too controlling for my liking although I did start to come warm to him a little towards the end.

The first time I read this book, I was desperately hoping there would be more of Alice and Joe’s story and since then, it has been released! The novella, One Perfect Christmas is available as an e-book now.

Favourite quote:
“‘Me and Daddy have willies, don’t we?’
‘Yes, yes,’ the little boy’s mother replies quietly, her face turning red as the ears of my other passengers prick up.
‘And you and baby Molly have got chinas.’
China? Vagina? Jessie’s nickname for me? Everyone laughs, and then – BANG! – I crack my head on the underside of the bridge.”

One Perfect Summer


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