Playing For Keeps by R.L. Mathewson (A Neighbor from Hell #1)


Read: 8 January 2013 (originally October 2012)
Why: recommendation

Rating: 5 stars

Brief synopsis: Quiet, timid Haley does not like confrontation and will go out of her way to avoid it. At just 24, she purchases her first home however the joy of home-owning is short-lived when Jason Bradford moves in next door – he’s rude, messy, loud but worst of all, good looking! When a disturbed bees nest forces then to take shelter in Haley’s house, an unexpected friendship soon begins to develop.

What I thought: This book is fantastic! It’s funny, very sexy and even a bit silly at times. It’s quite a short book so it makes for a nice easy read.

Haley and Jason are brilliant characters; great chemistry between them and such a good fit into one another’s lives. I really liked the two perceptions of Jason that are portrayed at the beginning of the story – how Haley saw his behaviour and then his version of what had happened.

I’m now really looking forward to reading Neighbor from Hell #2 – Perfection.

Favourite quote:
“‘B-but I’m offering you sex! Lots and lots of sex!’ Haley hissed urgently as they stepped into a lush foyer.

‘You would have had more luck offering me meatloaf, my little grasshopper,’ her informed her, catching her arm as she tried to make another escape.”

Playing for Keeps (A Neighbor from Hell, #1)


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