Perfection by R.L. Mathewson (A Neighbor from Hell #2)


Read: 9 January 2013 (originally October 2012)
Why: Loved Playing For Keeps

Rating: 5 stars

Brief synopsis: Zoe has had the day from hell; she’s been sacked, she’s soaked, the car window is broken and the jerk next door’s car is blocking the drive! What she really wants is a hot shower and a takeaway pizza but her neighbour soon ruins that too. When she goes to retrieve her pizza, Trevor deals the lowest blow of all. Feeling guilty, he sets her up a job interview and gives her some extra work helping around the house. Friendship develops between the unlikely pair and they are soon drawing up a new agreement.

What I thought: Another HOT chicklit from RL Mathewson. In this story we meet Jason’s cousin, Trevor (another Bradford!) and his neighbour/tenant Zoe – another great pair of loveable characters. Jason and Haley also appear in the book too – it’s nice to see what happened to them between the main story and epilogue.

Just like Playing For Keeps, the story is a bit silly but very sexy. The storyline itself is very similar too but that is probably the reason I liked it so much!

Favourite quote:
“The man was trying to get his wife fired? The man really was insane. Thankfully Brad took pity on her and explained the situation before she tried to come up with an excuse to get the hell out of there.

‘She’s seven months pregnant and he doesn’t want her working. So everyday he writes her up for sexual harassment or some other bullshit and we all laugh behind his back.’


That was kind of sweet in a psychotic sort of way.”

Perfection (A Neighbor from Hell #2)


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