A Different Kind Of Fairy Tale by Morgan Rayne (Spring Towers #1)


Read: 25 January 2013
Why: Free book with a 4.5 star rating on iTunes

Rating: 4 stars

Brief synopsis: Stella and Alex have been best friends since Stella moved in next door to Alex 3 years ago. They are each in love with the other but think their feelings are not reciprocated so have never acted upon them… until now.

What I thought: What a fantastic free book!

I was gripped from the beginning to end – I love the whole best friends trying to get together scenario and I thought it was genius to bring Kevin and Heidi into the story too. The book was funny and very sexy – well they are a new couple after all!

I will be keeping an eye out for book 2 of the Spring Towers series; Lindsay’s story, which I will be happy to pay for.

Favourite quote:
“‘You look yummy from down here.’ Alex was standing above Stella, trying to assess if she was hurt. ‘Maybe I should stop wearing underwear under my clothes too.'”

A Different Kind Of Fairy Tale (Spring Towers, #1)


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