One More Day by M Malone (The Alexanders #1)


Read: 26 January 2013
Why: Number 1 on iTunes chart

Rating: 4 stars

Brief synopsis: When Ridley needs to leave town, she sets off to the one place she knows she will be safe – her sister Raina’s house. Unable to get into the house, she is mistaken by neighbour Jackson for her sister and offered a place to stay. Can Jackson keep Ridley safe when he thinks she’s Raina?

What I thought: I spotted this book on the iTunes chart and decided to give it a read after enjoying the short prequel Teasing Trent. I’m really glad I did, this book is fab and it was a bargain too at 49p!

The book is full of great characters – my favourite had to be Jackson – he is sweet and sexy yet cautious with his heart since he lost his wife in a car accident. The story is well written with some plenty of twists to prevent it becoming predictable despite the obligatory fairy tale ending.

I can’t wait to read the next instalment of the Alexander brothers – The Things I Do For You.

Favourite quote:
This book contains cloak and dagger intrigue, family drama, brothers fighting, supermodels with attitude and hot sex between people who can’t keep their hands off each other. Just saying…”

One More Day (The Alexanders, #1)


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