Eighty Days Amber by Vina Jackson (Eighty Days: Companion #1)


Read: 31 January 2013
Why: Christmas gift

Rating: 4 stars

Brief synopsis: Ukrainian dancer Luba has always been attracted to bad boys and Chey is no different. In no time at all, she became Chey’s woman and in even less time, she was back to Luba. Focusing on her dancing, Luba takes a position that allows her to travel the world but will her heart travel with her?

What I thought: After reading the Eighty Days series, I was a little reluctant to read this but felt compelled as it was a gift. It wasn’t that I hated them, I just didn’t love as much as I did the Crossfire and Fifty Shades books. I’m delighted I did though, I think this was better than the main series.

This book runs parallel to the three books in the main series but tells the story of Luba, the Ukrainian dancer. At points it re-tells parts of those books from the new perspective as the characters unite which I felt added another dimension to the story. Unlike the main series, I thought this book had more of a love story running through it (I think this was why I preferred it) and whilst the sex scenes were still plentiful and not always what your average Mr & Mrs get up to (well, at least not in our house) it was much tamer than the BDSM activities Summer indulged in.

Overall, a great book. If you’re going to read the main series, I’d recommend that you read those first otherwise parts of this book will spoil that story.

Favourite quote:
I didn’t have a particular quote as such but I loved the list ‘The things about you I will never forget’ – this is my favourite from the list:

Being a couple, an ‘us’

Eighty Days Amber (Eighty Days : Companion, #1)


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