The Vincent Boys by Abbi Glines (The Vincent Boys #1)


Read: 11 February 2013
Why: Recommended by

Rating: 5 stars

Brief synopsis: Ash tries so hard to be good. To be worthy of her boyfriend Sawyer and a model daughter to the town’s preacher. But underneath that, there’s another side of Ash fighting to get out. The side that wants passion, desire, danger… Beau.

As a child, Beau had never been jealous of cousin Sawyer’s perfect life, he loved him like a brother and was only ever proud of him. That was until Sawyer got his girl – his best friend and soul mate.

With Sawyer away for the summer, Ash and Beau rekindle their childhood friendship. Realising that the feelings they have for each are hardly platonic, they try to stay away from each other but find it harder to resist each time.

What I thought: I’m going to be really honest, the first time I read this book I didn’t get further than the end of the sample. I wasn’t overly fond of do-gooder Ash and just from the brief chapter about their childhood, I was rooting for Beau to be with her.

I’m not too sure why I decided to give it another try but I’m pleased I did. A couple of chapters in and my opinion of Ash had changed completely. I could only see good (but troubled) characteristics in Beau and I really liked the effect he had on Ash.

The book is one continuous story split between the three perspectives although mostly Ash and Beau. I really enjoyed the changing views – in particular Beau’s; his perceptive really enforced the feelings that he had for Ash.

I think my favourite thing about the story was Sawyer’s reaction on his return. Having read a lot of love stories, I thought they might have tried to squeeze in a full-blown fairy tale ending so I was glad it was more realistic. At one point I was wondering if any of the characters would get a happy ending!

In the end, I enjoyed the book so much I bought The Vincent Brothers straight away and read that the same night!

Favourite quote:
“‘I ain’t the only old woman looking. I’m just the only one honest enough to admit it. The others hire the boy to cut their grass just so they can sit at the window and drool.'”

The Vincent Boys: Extended and Uncut (The Vincent Boys, #1)


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