The Vincent Brothers by Abbi Glines (The Vincent Boys #2)


Read: 11 February 2013
Why: Sequel to The Vincent Boys

Rating: 5 stars

Brief synopsis: Lana is on a mission. She’s got a hot new look and is off to stay with her cousin for the summer in an attempt to get a boy to fall in love with her. But not just any old boy – one that’s been in love with her cousin forever.

Sawyer is immediately attracted to Lana but his heart still belongs to Ash. He needs to find closure and learn how to have a relationship with someone new. Can Lana be that someone new or is she just a summer distraction?

What I thought: The Vincent Boys was left open for the sequel so I just had to read this next – it was so good I finished it in one sitting!

In the first book I wasn’t really a Sawyer fan but that changed completely in this book and you could see why Lana fell in love with him. Lana is a great match as a character, knowing she needs someone to not just love her, but put her first for once – it really made for a good story.

It was nice to see that Ash and Beau featured heavily in the story too. They also had their own little bit of the epilogue and it was nice that the book wrapped up both stories together.

Favourite quote:
“‘This summer… my coming here… it wasn’t just about wanting to spend time with you before we go off to college.’
Ashton grinned and raised her eyebrows. ‘I can’t believe you’re telling me a Vincent boy brought you to Grove, Alabama and not me.’
Shrugging, I returned her smile. ‘They’re hard to resist.’
‘Don’t I know it.'”

The Vincent Brothers: Extended and Uncut (The Vincent Boys, #2)


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