Let Me Love You by Morgan Rayne (Spring Towers #2)


Read: 19 February 2013
Why: Part of the Spring Towers series

Rating: 4 stars

Brief synopsis: Kyle has a bit of a reputation with the tall, blonde and sleazy of Chicago but recently, he’s been re-evaluating his life. He’s seen how happy Alex and Stella are together and he wants that for himself… with Lindsay. Unfortunately, unlike the other women, Lindsay wants nothing to do with him.

Lindsay has a troubled past and isn’t looking for a relationship, especially with a firefighter but Kyle is hard to resist. Can he convince her to take a chance on happiness?

What I thought: Another fab story in the Spring Towers series!

I really like the way that the epilogues in this series give a little taster of what is to come in the next book. I couldn’t wait to get into the story of Lindsay and Kyle.

This book covers some heavier topics than its predecessor – right from the very beginning we are told of Lindsay’s troubled past, which was hinted on throughout A Different Kind of Fairy Tale. It is not a light read but gripping and with the added bonus of a sexy firefighter too!

Book 3 – Vicki (and hopefully Cooper)’s story is due out late March/early April.

Favourite quote:
“‘Did you just tell me you haven’t had sex in over a month?’
‘Yes. Stop acting like I told you I saw Bigfoot.’
‘Sorry, the shock hasn’t worn off yet. I think it may be more unbelievable than Bigfoot.’ ”

Let Me Love You (Spring Towers, #2)


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