The Things I Do For You by M Malone (The Alexanders #2)


Read: 5 April 2013
Why: Sequel to One More Day

Rating: 4 stars

Brief synopsis: Nick had always been content with his happy-go-lucky playboy status until one woman changed that for him – Raina Winters. Since their one night stand, he hadn’t been able to get her out of his head but she clearly didn’t feel the same as she’d avoided him ever since.

Raina wasn’t looking for love, she wasn’t even sure she believed in love until she met Nicholas Alexander. Terrified that he wouldn’t reciprocate her feelings after their one night stand, she’d avoided him ever since.

When Nick learns that Raina needs a man to fulfil her dream of having a baby, he makes her an offer – a baby in return for the one thing he really wants… her.

What I thought: I do like these Alexander boys!

This story picks up from where One More Day left off, but is told from different perspectives; this time Raina and Nick. Whilst it is the same great group of characters from the first book, we get to see another side to Nick as he becomes what I can only describe as the perfect husband! I only wish the book were a little longer – I thought it was quite strange that a story, which focused on Raina’s dream of having a baby, ended before the baby was born.

If you’ve not given The Alexanders a go, I’d definitely recommend you start with the fun, short prequel – Teasing Trent which is still free to download.

The next instalment of The Alexanders series – He’s The Man – will be Matt’s story.

Favourite quote:
“He pulled her close and rested his chin on top of her head. 
‘What are you doing?’ She tried to pull back, but he tightened his arms until she couldn’t move.
‘I’m loving you. Sometimes when things aren’t going so well, you need a hug. I used to see my parents doing this and just gag. But I understand it now. When life is heavy, it helps to know that someone is there for you. Even if they can’t fix things or make them better.'”

The Things I Do for You (The Alexanders, #2)


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