The Wish List by Jane Costello


Read: 15 April 2013
Why: Loved Jane Costello’s previous books

Rating: 5 stars

Brief synopsis: When nearly-30 Emma stumbles across a list she devised, aged 15 of the things she wanted to do before she’s 30, she’s upset when she realises she’s not achieved one single item. With the countdown to 30 ticking away, Emma decides its time to change that but it’s not quite that simple – seeing the Northern Lights requires cash she doesn’t have and finding the man you’ll marry is much more difficult than it looks… even with a proposal!

What I thought: Jane Costello’s books just keep getting better with each new release – The Wish List is definitely my new favourite!

This book is a good giggle right from the first chapter as Emma embarks on her list of things to do before her 30th birthday – ranging from sky-diving to the obligatory ‘find the man you’ll marry’. Emma is instantly likeable as a character; funny and easy to relate to with a great group of friends. She always seems to find herself in entertaining situations, whether that’s sending an insulting Facebook message, squeezing into a dress that’s a size too small (something I’m also guilty of on occasion!) or losing her knickers in a field, they all had me laughing out loud.

Around the main storyline, Emma’s friends and family all have their own little romantic tale told via Emma. I really enjoyed reading about the other characters – my favourite had to be Emma’s dad with his stories of online dating!

Favourite quotes:
“If I wrote a list of things that were right about Rob and a list of things that were wrong, there would be virtually nothing in the second column. He does own a Craig David album, but that’s a minor misdemeanour in an otherwise overwhelmingly positive list of attributes.”
(Because, unfortunately, my fiancé owns the same album!)

The Wish List

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