Billy and Me by Giovanna Fletcher


Read: 6 May 2013
Why: Copy received as part of the blog tour

Rating: 5 stars

Brief synopsis: The tiny village of Rosefont Hill is excited by the news of a film crew arriving but unlike the local school girls, Sophie May isn’t interested in finding out who the film’s lead heart-throb is – well, unless he’s Jude Law!

That is until she meets the drop-dead gorgeous Billy. They almost instantly fall in love and Sophie soon finds herself leaving her quiet life and job in the local teashop to join Billy in his glitzy celebrity life. Can their relationship survive as Sophie feels the pressures of being in the spotlight with Billy?

What I thought: This heartwarming story will have you swooning over Billy one moment, then reaching for the Kleenex a moment later. From the first page I was completely hooked and I could not put it down, reading into the early hours – but it was so worth feeling like a zombie at work the next day!

It’s not very often I gush about a female character but I thought Sophie May was absolutely fantastic. A modern-day Belle (Beauty and the Beast) walking through the village with her head in book. She was instantly likeable and so easy to relate to – not just because I adored Mr Blobby and wanted to be a Spice Girl too! With Giovanna drawing from her own experiences (married to McFly’s Tom) in Sophie’s character, I can only assume she’s just as sweet as Sophie – I hope I get the chance to meet her at a book signing one day.

The only downside for me was the lack of epilogue – I really wanted to know what happened next. With the ending left slightly open, I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for a sequel.

With a debut novel this good, I can’t wait to see what book two holds.

Favourite quote:
“‘As I said, I’m your dresser. So I’ll be bringing you the costumes you need for the scenes each day and getting you in and out of them… not because we don’t think you can dress yourself; it’s just for my personal enjoyment,’ she chuckles.”


Each of the blog hosts were asked to describe our feelings for the book cover so that Giovanna could draw us our very own cupcake to match.

This is my cupcake. I described the cover as being like the ‘honeymoon stage’ of a relationship – where there’s just the two of you in your own bubble and that all that matters.

This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to the 5 lucky winners.

Billy and Me

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