Taking Chances by Molly McAdams (Taking Chances #1)


Read: 26 May 2013 (originally December 2012)
Why: Chosen from iTunes chart/99p

Rating: 5 stars

Brief synopsis: Before moving to San Diego for college, Harper had lived a relatively sheltered life with her father. Home schooled and brought up by the Marines serving in his unit; she’d never even been on a date, let alone had her first kiss.

Thanks to her new roommate Breanna, Harper is introduced to a world of parties, gorgeous guys and the family she’d never had, nor realised she was missing. Within no time at all, she’s head over heels with not one but two guys; Chase, her roommate’s brother and his housemate, Brandon.

Despite their tattoos and muscled looks, both guys adore and would do anything for Harper, including stepping back if it means she’s happy. After months of having her heart torn in two, the events of one weekend of giving in to heated passion will change everything.

What I thought: Oh. My. Word. This has to be one of the best debut novels I’ve ever read.

Short of Harper being told she’s a witch and being sent to Hogwarts with Harry Potter, pretty much everything that could possibly happen in this book does… There are ups and downs, heartbreak and tragedy, two guys and a whole lot of sweetness!

Harper is the perfect character for this story; cute, feisty, gorgeous and yet completely oblivious to it. I don’t envy her in the slightest though – I wouldn’t like to have to choose between Chase and Brandon.

Chase and Brandon both have elements of the fantastic Travis Maddox (Beautiful Disaster) in their characters; tough guys on the outside but sweet and caring on the inside. I love that they both totally adore Harper to the point that they’re each willing to step back and break their own hearts to make her happy. For me, the sweetest parts of the book come from the two, supposed tough guys – Chase’s reaction to Harper’s news and Brandon’s declaration of love the day after the graduation party.

I think it was very brave of the author to include the tragic event of chapter 13 in the story. A lot of books come close to this type of storyline but then never follow through with it. Whilst I was absolutely gutted by what happened, not only because of what happened but the timing of it too, I really enjoyed the remainder of the book. The way a certain character behaved after that event was admirable and the story which they told to Liam was truly heartwarming. (Apologises if this doesn’t make an awful lot of sense but I was determined not to include a spoiler!)

Favourite quote:
“‘If you think acting like you don’t exist isn’t the hardest thing I’ve ever done, you’re wrong. I hate not talking to you, I hate not bickering like we’re an old married couple and I hate not spending every day right next to you.'”

Taking Chances (Taking Chances, #1)

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