Falling Into Us by Jasinda Wilder (Falling #2)


Read: 30 July 2013
Why: Second book in the Falling series

Rating: 4 stars

Brief synopsis: NB. This book should be read after Falling Into You.

When Kyle and Nell finally realised their feelings for one another, that left Jason with a restaurant reservation and no date. Cue Nell’s best friend Becca, who had secretly had a crush on Jason for years. Neither of them could have predicted that a second-choice high school date would lead to a lifetime of love and friendship.

What I thought: The book started off really well with two fantastic lead characters, Jason and Becca. Both characters are instantly likeable – they’re sweet and caring yet headstrong, passionate and driven despite the difficulties they each face at home. Their version of the ‘boy meets girl’ storyline is both interesting and gripping, and you can’t help but fall in love with Jason too.

I particularly liked the way this story was written, it was slightly different to Falling Into You as it constantly alternated between Jason and Becca’s perspectives although I wasn’t fond of the accelerated timeline which frequently jumped weeks, months or even years and on occasion, skipped what I felt were key parts of the story. This, coupled with the continuity errors – the ‘October afternoon’ in November; shoes taken off, then magically reappearing to disappear again a few moments later – made for a confused reader (/imaginary guy stripping in my head!) at times.

After such a strong start, the middle section of the book was kind of disappointing for me. With a storyline which could have easily matched Falling Into You for emotion, however the accelerated timeline made it difficult for me to become captivated and feel the same emotional intensity that I did when Kyle died. This was only amplified by the disappearance of Kate from the storyline, something I cannot believe Becca would have allowed to happen.

The story picked up again towards the end of the book with the return of Nell and Colton (I’d had my fingers crossed that they’d make an appearance!). The continuation of their story made for a perfect ending.

Favourite quotes:
“‘That’s not just poetry, that’s word magic.’ He looked back at my notebook and seemed to be rereading. ‘How do you know how to make the perfect words go together? I know all these words on their own, but… but I could never put them all together like this, into a poem.'”

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