April Showers by Karli Perrin


Read: 16 June 2013
Why: Receiving fab reviews

Rating: 4 stars

How do you choose when your head and your heart pull you in completely opposite directions?

April Adams is about to find out the hard way.

When April enrolls at Manchester University, it feels like a whole new life. New city, new house, new friends…new crush.

Isaac Sharpe is the hottest guy on campus – with an even hotter reputation. After a chance meeting, April quickly finds herself wrapped up in all that he is. But what if all that he is isn’t what it seems?

Caught up in a battle between what she wants and what she thinks she needs, April meets Lukas Roberts. Lukas is the security blanket that she craves so desperately and she finds solace in their friendship. But what happens when she finds more than she bargained for?

What I thought: I think everyone should read this book if only for the ending. Oh. My. Word. What an ending! Seriously, the sequel cannot come quick enough. If you happen to be a friend of Karli’s, please do not let her leave the house until she has finished!

Whilst I really enjoyed this book with its unpredictable storyline, Manchester setting and healthy dose of British sarcasm, I found it hard to connect to April, the lead character/narrator. The story lacks some of the little snippets of background information that transform a name in a book into a character; where she moved to university from, past relationships or even what she looks like. In fact, I think I know more about her best friend Katie – possibly why she’s my favourite character!

When it comes to the guys it is all about Team Isaac for me; tall, dark and an incredible body – my favourite type! Lukas might be cute but to me, he’s more of a friend than a boyfriend.

Overall, a great debut with a cliffhanger to rival Eastenders!

Favourite quote:
“‘Love isn’t safe. Love is crazy and scary and unpredictable. You can’t control it and you sure as hell can’t fight it. It’s one of life’s greatest risks… but it’s also one of life’s greatest gifts.'”

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