Diary of a Size 12 by Sophie Quinn


Read: 23 October 2013
Why: Number 1 free book on itunes

Rating: 3 stars

Brief synopsis:
With a résumé that could easily be mistaken for a career guide, yet another failed interview and no sign of the Prince Charming those Disney films promised her; Georgia was starting to think her life was doomed.

But luck can change in the blink of an eye, or in Georgia’s case, when tackling an armed robber with only her pantyhose and size 12 thighs! Both boyfriends and jobs can appear from the strangest of places…

What I thought: This book had so much potential – a great storyline and fantastic characters. Unfortunately, the writing let it down. The book is riddled with grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, sentences that do not make sense and at one point Julian was referred to as Julia. The wannabe teacher in me was itching to get a red pen out and start making corrections. I was very glad I’d not had to pay for the book.

It’s a real shame as there was so much potential in the book but it was completely overshadowed by the poor/complete lack of editing.

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