There’s More to Life Than Cupcakes by Poppy Dolan


Read: 6 November 2013
Why: Copy received in exchange for honest review

Rating: 5 stars

Brief synopsis: Meet Ellie Redford. Over thirty, happily married, employed, female and alive; so according to pretty much everyone she knows, it’s time to get sprogged up… right?

What I thought: This book is absolutely fantastic but a little scary at times… Seriously, it’s like Poppy has my rooting through my mind, extracted every baby thought I’ve ever had and written them into a brilliant funny chick lit!

There are so many great characters in the book; best friend Lyds, husband Pete, baking buddies Hannah and Joe, the crazy in-laws, if fact there’s not one I disliked but I definitely had a soft spot for Ellie. I adored this bubbly, fun character and her sometimes crazy antics. I’m sure plenty of readers, just like myself, will find themselves relating to her predicament of when to have a baby.

This book is a must read for chick lit fans. I loved everything about it, from the gorgeous cover to the perfect ending.

Favourite quote:
“I think my problem with the notion of getting accidentally fertilised is that I took those sexual health videos at secondary school TOO seriously. I mean, it’s good that I did back then, so my mum didn’t have to adjust my pleated skirt with an elastic stomach-band, but how can you switch all that stuff off, even fifteen years later? It’s like everywhere you went then, there were leaflets and signs telling you to practise safe sex, avoid unwanted pregnancy – at school, in the doctor’s waiting room, even Hollyoaks had a stab at it. But then no one sent out a follow-up pamphlet to say ‘It’s OK now, you’re old enough. Go ahead and get pregnant.’ Did they sound a Shagging Klaxon and I somehow missed it?”

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