How to Get a (Love) Life by Rosie Blake


Read: 28 January 2014
Why: Copy received in exchange for honest review

Rating: 3 stars

Brief synopsis: When Nicola was younger she never imagined that at 29 she’d still be single, living alone and eating the same set menu each week.

Her work colleague Caroline decides it’s time for Nicola to loosen up and get herself a love life. Daring her to find someone before Valentines Day… in just 3 months time.

What I thought: I really liked the idea of this story and wanted to love the book but sadly I was disappointed.

Whilst there were things about the book that were good, unfortunately nothing really jumped out at me as great. The humour seemed very forced in places and for me, there were a few scenes, like the one with the psychic in the office, that didn’t really seem to add anything to the story whilst other parts were rushed or even skipped. There was no depth behind the story of the ultimate love interest and prior to him announcing his boyfriend status, I hadn’t really detected any chemistry between the two characters. It certainly wasn’t a blossoming romance.

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