Consumed by Skyla Madi (Consumed #1)


Rating: 5 stars

Brief synopsis: MMA fighter, Seth Marc, is the kind of guy moms warn their daughters about – the type that makes you want to take your clothes off and allow him to do anything to you within the first minutes of meeting him, leaving a trail of broken hearts behind him.

That is until Seth meets Olivia James. Her ex may have called her plain and boring but Olivia is determined to prove she’s desirable to a guy like Seth.

What I thought: Consumed is definitely an appropriate title for this book as that was exactly how I felt when reading it. I tried to put it down, honestly, but after 10 minutes of staring at the ceiling, I knew I had to finish it before I’d be able to sleep.

Seth Marc… where to begin with him? He’s the sexy, tattooed MMA fighter who despite his ‘I don’t do girlfriends’ attitude, has a loveable sweet side too. He’s caring, thoughtful and just the right amount of possessiveness – perfect book boyfriend material!

I thought the story was beautifully written with the romance perfectly balanced by the fighting, angst and tear-inducing heartbreak. I was truly gobsmacked to learn that the author, Skyla Madi is just 21 years old – I would never have guessed that from the writing, Skyla writes with a maturity far beyond her years. I think we are going to see some amazing future releases from this author.

Favourite quote:
“Since when does reading suck? Who says that? If I ran the world, people who didn’t read would be the first to go. Boom. Put them out of their misery.”

Reason for choosing this book: High rating on Goodreads list of Best New Adult Books

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