Too Consumed by Skyla Madi (Consumed #2)


Rating: 5 stars

Brief synopsis: Olivia did the impossible when she stole Seth Marc’s heart but now the couple face a new challenge as Seth begins his career as a professional MMA fighter.

What I thought: I absolutely loved Consumed so could not wait to get started on Too Consumed and I was certainly not disappointed.

Just like Seth’s MMA career, the story has stepped up a gear with more fighting, more sex and surprisingly, more sweetness too.

I thought it was fantastic how Seth’s character grew as the story progressed, yet his defining attributes – the cockiness, sex appeal and passion for fighting – remained unchanged. Being in love definitely suits him! I love how sweet and protective he is of Olivia; I love that his priorities and plans for the future have changed completely but most of all, I love how he reacts to being loved.

Seth isn’t the only one affected by their relationship though — Olivia really comes into her own in Too Consumed with a new-found confidence in herself and her relationship with Seth. With Olivia’s sassiness and Seth’s hotheadedness, they certainly make a couple not to be messed with!

Once again, I’m gobsmacked by the talents of this very young author. I cannot wait to read Forever Consumed – due to be released in May 2014.

Favourite quote:
“Since meeting Olivia, the old chapters in my story have closed one by one – Mason, Mom, all of the random girls and even Don. From here, new chapters will be written and they’ll feature Olivia in every single sentence of every single paragraph. Without her, my story can’t move forward and it can’t be completed.”

Reason for choosing this book: Sequel to Consumed

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