White Trash Beautiful by Teresa Mummert


Rating: 3 stars

Brief synopsis: Cass can’t help but notice the gorgeous out-of-towner that arrives in the diner where she works.

Can the honest charmer tempt Cass away from the trailer park and her poor excuse for a boyfriend?

What I thought: This book was rather disappointing. A lot of the book is what I would call laying the foundations; describing Cass’ homelife, etc and as a result, the ending and ‘action’ all felt very rushed.

Despite the fact she had seemingly written herself off as a ‘white-trash waitress’, Cass made for a fantastic lead character – a feisty little thing and loyal too. I really enjoyed reading as her character grew it’s a shame the storyline didn’t allow this to be the hard-hitting story it had the potential to be. It seemed to be missing the drama which would have really drawn me into the story, both in terms of some of the happier parts of the story and the tragedies too.

Such a shame that the story didn’t live up to its potential.

Reason for choosing this book: Copy received in exchange for an honest review

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