Sadly, I have decided that today’s review will be my last for a number of reasons…

1) I get married in May and should probably spend some time organising it!

2) I’m not organised enough to keep on top of everything (see above point too!). Today’s post should have been posted yesterday – whoops

3) I much prefer reading to writing.

4) I have started struggling to keep the reviews from becoming repetitive. There’s only so many ways I know how to say I love this book. I think I’ll go back to the numbers!

5) The blogging world just isn’t for me. There are some lovely bloggers out there (Kev at and Natalie at to name just a few) but then there are those that think they are entitled to the books/to be part of the blog tours and those that are bringing Regina George back to life… there’s just no need for all of the bitchiness and falling outs. It’s a hobby and an honour to receive these books.

I will still be reading (hopefully even morse than before) and I’m going to keep my Twitter account open. I sure I’ll still be gushing about my favourite books just more informally – I’d love to hear from you @notyetaparker

Thank you to everyone who has supported my blog and to the authors and publishers allowing me to review their books. I’m honoured to have been asked.

Happy reading everyone!
Stacey x

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