Eighty Days White by Vina Jackson (Eighty Days: Companion #2)

Read: 1 February 2013 Why: Enjoyed the Eighty Days series Rating: 4 stars Brief synopsis: Lily is introduced to a fetish club by best friend Liana and is surprised to learn that she is fascinated by the goings on in but not ready to participate. The more she sees, the more she is drawn to the […]

Eighty Days Amber by Vina Jackson (Eighty Days: Companion #1)

Read: 31 January 2013 Why: Christmas gift Rating: 4 stars Brief synopsis: Ukrainian dancer Luba has always been attracted to bad boys and Chey is no different. In no time at all, she became Chey’s woman and in even less time, she was back to Luba. Focusing on her dancing, Luba takes a position that allows […]